IS WATER IS LIFE WALK A PRAYER? Water is Life Walks are prayer walks ~ each

step a prayer. We carry the love, respect, and gratitude for the SacredWater; our

footsteps transfer those energies into the land where it is picked up by every

drop of water in the soil and that is then passed on to the water within the roots

of all plants and trees and the bodies of every burrower. As the drops gather into

streams, creeks, brooks and rivers the finned, winged and the 4 legged come to

the SacredWater and they too pick up those energies. Praying for the

SacredWater is praying for every thing and everyone ~ for nothing lives without


We walk because the ancestors walked ~ by walking we follow in their footsteps

and can “pick up the treasures” that where left along the trail. Seventh Fire

Prophecy tells us ~ for us to pick up and bring back. One of the “treasures” that

was left for us to pick up is the connection of Human Beings to the SacreWater

that birthed us all. When we find this connection we begin to move from seeing

Water as a resource into the deeper understanding that SacredWater is the

SOURCE of Life. That process help return the sacred nature of water back into

the word and our understanding of that sacredness. In Native languages the

words for water include in the word the Sacred nature of the Water. When I

speak in English I like to SacredWater as one word because in English the sacred

nature of water has been removed from the word. In Lakota language Mni

Wichoni is the sacred water of all life.

Water Is Life Walk is also CELEBRATION OF LIFE. As we walk we take notice of

all the plants and animals that come across our path and looking inside to see

their connection to each other and the SacredWater. It is a way of reconnecting

ourselves to All That Is within the Web of life. Bringing us back to the

understanding that none of the plants and animals that feed us would be here if

it where not for the water, none of the trees and plants that make our air would

be here and without them we would not be here!

Dams on the Quinebaug River

* 8 in Mass~ Hamilton Dam (reservoir) ~ East Brimfield Dam ~ Sturbridge

Village Pond Dam ~ Westville Dam ~ Quinebaug River Reservoir Dam MASS ~

Lensdale pond Dam ~ Diversion Dam ~ Quinebaug River Reservoir Dam Mass ~

* 9 in CT ~ Mashapaug Dam CT ~ West Thompson Lake Dam ~ Quinebaug

Reservoir Dam CT ~ WINY Radio Dam ~ Rogers Corporation Pond Dam ~ Old

Brooklyn Mill Diversion Dam ~ Water Treatment Diversion Dam ~ Dyer Dam ~

Aspinook Pond Dam ~ Quinebaug Falls Dam

Dams act as a barrier between the upstream and downstream movement of

migratory river animals ~ We are all CONNECTED!!

Is it healthy?


About ravenredbone

Welcome to my web site! I am here to contribute and give another voice to the “The First Peoples” who have and continue to give to our world. It is our honor, privilege and a great blessing to highlight and serve all our ancestors. We (my family) continue to work at educating, promoting and highlighting our ancestral pasts and make a contribution to Indigenous Peoples and the Human Family around Mother Earth! To us it is our responsibility to educate and show the Indigenous Perspective that until recent years has not been allowed. The world needs to move forward in an Indigenous mind set our opinion to continue! We have been honored and blessed to be part of a wonderful people whose whole way of living is harmonious with Our Earth and all life. Each Day We walk in reverence on Mother Earth and live an ecologically sound lifestyle in reverence to Mother Earth. We live by the ancestral ways, respecting each other, loving each other and our Mother. Our families celebrate all the old ceremonies in honor of the Ancestors. We recycle, walk, and cherish her. We are the next generation of ancestors Racist comments of any nature will not be tolerated.
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